TriStar team members attend Digital Summit Kansas City
August 3, 2017

TriStar team members attend Digital Summit Kansas City

If you’re looking for a learning opportunity filled with digital marketing strategies and solutions, then check out the next Digital Summit conference in your area.

Several TriStar team members recently attended Digital Summit Kansas City, a two-day conference offering educational sessions, open discussions, and networking opportunities with some of the brightest brand marketers in the country. They left the conference anxious to apply their new knowledge and share several takeaways with the rest of the team and with TriStar’s association partners.

Here are a few takeaways from “The Art of Providing Relevant, Useful Content Without Selling or Interrupting Your Customers” by Quinn Tempest of Vertical Measures:

  • Relationships today are created with information, not people. Start by educating to develop the trust.
  • Create content your customers are actually looking for. Ask your team members, “What questions do you get asked all the time?”
  • Do your homework: Download Screaming Frog and perform a content audit before defining goals and creating content.
  • Use the HUB and SPOKE model. The HUB consists of one comprehensive piece of content often gated behind a form to drive leads. SPOKES are ancillary pieces of content created from the hub with the goal of driving people to the hub.
  • Blog with quality, not quantity.
  • Seek out an influencer with a built-in network of digital followers to share your content.
  • Know your audience. Find your voice. Share your story. And don’t forget to make it interactive!

Pro Tip: If you decided to attend a Digital Summit event, we highly recommend taking at least three team members if there are concurrent presentations. Divide and conquer!

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