Making a swoosh at ENDO 2018: TriStar teams up with association partners to build a unique sponsorship opportunity for March Madness
April 6, 2018

Making a swoosh at ENDO 2018: TriStar teams up with association partners to build a unique sponsorship opportunity for March Madness

While basketball fans were filling out their March Madness brackets, TriStar, the Endocrine Society, Freeman and Novo Nordisk were putting the final touches on their own unique College Basketball Tournament Lounge, complete with a regulation hoop for free throws.

When the Society discovered its meeting would fall during the NCAA Tournament, it knew the exhibit hall floor could potentially lose its avid basketball fans to the games. Then the 3-point idea came: Capitalize on the basketball craze and bring it to the show floor!

The Society approached TriStar to help flush out and develop the interactive basketball lounge, with the goal of keeping attendees engaged. With years of experience in the industry, TriStar’s Business Development team collaborated with Freeman, the show decorator, to build out the experiential tactic that was strategically placed near the food court. It was enclosed with Plexiglass decorated with double-sided window clings and included four monitors to watch the games, table tents, championship-style banners and clings—all sponsored by pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk.

“It was an opportunity for attendees to come in, take a seat, watch the pre-games, games and post highlights on four monitors,” said Kevin Bullock, the Society’s manager for development and strategic partnerships. “It ended up being a huge event for us in terms of getting some excitement on the exhibit floor, all due to TriStar.”

TriStar worked with Novo Nordisk to customize the sponsorship and help promote its new product Ozempic® in the lounge, giving the innovative company exposure in a unique way and with the vibe of a gymnasium packed with cheering fans.

TriStar’s experienced team loves working with clients to problem solve in a way that benefits all parties.

“I loved the creativity from concept to completion and working with an association partner that is willing to think outside of the box and maybe push the envelope a little bit,” said Hilary Bair, a TriStar Event Media Strategist. “It was exciting because it was collaborative. It wasn’t just one company working alone. It was all of us working together—TriStar, the Endocrine Society, Novo Nordisk and Freeman—for the greater good of the event, which is what I think made it really fun and is really what makes this job so rewarding.”

Anatomy of a Successful Sponsorship

The Challenge:
Keep ENDO 2018 attendees engaged and active on the exhibit hall floor despite the draw of the popular NCAA Tournament

The Approach:
Collaborate with industry partners to create an innovative concept that appeals to advertisers, associations, and attendees

The Solution:
Bring March Madness to the exhibit hall with a unique sponsorship opportunity

The Result:
The College Basketball Tournament Lounge, sponsored by Novo Nordisk, included one large hanging sign, two hanging banners, and three championship-style banners to call attention to the space. The lounge was enclosed by Plexiglass, which featured eight double-sided window clings. Inside, attendees could watch the games from four TV monitors while relaxing at tables and chairs. As the exclusive supporter, Novo Nordisk used table tents and promotional handouts to increase awareness. Just outside the lounge, a branded floor cling and regulation hoop offered attendees a chance to shoot free throws.

Looking Ahead:
TriStar plans to use this success story to create new sponsorship opportunities that deliver strategic exposure.

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