September 27, 2018

15 Ingredients for 15 Years of Success

TriStar celebrated its 15th anniversary in September! To commemorate this milestone event, the TriStar team compiled its favorite “ingredients” for company success.

Casual Attire = Intense Effort

TriStar’s relaxed dress code, where every day is “casual Friday,” allows employees to focus intently on client work in total flip-flop comfort!

Steve Smyth

All Hands on Deck

The thing that sticks in my mind the most is something that happened shortly after I started at TriStar. I came around the corner in the office one day, and Eric was vacuuming. I must have given him a funny look because he said “someone has to do it.” And that to me sums up TriStar, when even the CEO will pitch in and do the dirty work. The owners/directors have our backs, and they work just as hard (or harder) than the rest of us.

Jody Becker


At TriStar, we are always willing to incorporate new ideas to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Maria Berry

Team Effort

For me it’s the “team” effort and mindset that each and every TriStar employee puts forth. From the owners to the staff, everyone works together as a team to ensure the success of TriStar. Jill, Robin and Eric are productive, motivated, enthusiastic and successful; their supervision and direction influence the rest of their team, builds morale and leads to success!

Julie Riddle / Nan Blunk


Being willing to listen to other’s opinions and respecting those opinions.

Cyndy Galate


It’s human nature to do things that bring us joy and fulfillment, and I believe TriStar strives to find, enhance and sustain the passion in each of its employees. It’s an honor to work with people who are not only great at their jobs, but so passionate!

Kathleen Briggs


I love working at TriStar because I learn something new every day. Everyone is so talented, and I am challenged to be better every day. It’s never mundane or monotonous, and there is always a variety of projects to work on.

Hilary Bair

Hard Work

The work can be demanding and challenging, but that’s where the reward comes from, making me proud of what we produce and deliver for our clients.

Allison Walters

Customer Centric

Everyone at TriStar works tirelessly to create the best products and services for our association partners, the best ROI for event sponsors, and the best experiences for meeting attendees. We always go the extra mile.

Cody Holt / Jamie Stuckey / Jill Hall


The “mix” of every kind of talent is the very essence of what makes up TriStar. Each department and individual in those departments come with a unique skill set. Recognizing those skills, along with empowerment and dedication, equals something unique.

Robin Reynolds / Eric Reynolds

All the Right Hardware

Well, I might be biased but definitely we have the onsite nuts and bolts production team! I call them the “hardware” of the overnight process as well as the hands-on product management. (And literally, they likely have the nuts/bolts needed to put together news racks, bins, etc.)

Jill Murray

Family Values

The culture and the people I work with are by far the best part of my job!

TriStar operates like a family — everyone works for the greater good of the whole. There is not one position or person that is not important to the success of TriStar. Jill, Robin and Eric make each person feel like they matter.

Megan Traub / Brennah Tate

Sense of Humor

Character and a sense of humor are important ingredients to success.

Michael Burasco


We go through lots of coffee! We brew it strong so we stay stimulated with fresh new ideas!

Darcey Tenbrink

Small Town Roots

Small town traits/ideologies are instilled and reflected in our leadership:

  • Family/Community
  • Trust
  • Hard work at young age
  • Able to drive on all terrain (literally and figuratively)
  • Actually seeing the stars puts the world in perspective

Brandon Atkins

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